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Frequently Asked Questions.
Weather you have booked a disco with us or still need a little more information, please read the FAQ's below. Anything you need to know that isn't covered in the questions, please email us and we'll do our best to answer.

How do I book and pay for a disco?

Firstly we need all your contact details, event specifics such as time, date and venue etc and then we send you a booking confirmation form. You will need to sign and return a copy of this to secure your date. We will also send you an invoice for the non-refundable deposit; the details on how to pay are written at the bottom of this invoice. Typically a £50 deposit will be required however where you have extras such as venue lighting, this will be greater.
The remaining balance will be invoiced approximately 2 weeks prior to your event and will need to be settled no less than 1 week before that date. We only accept cash only on the evening if you haven't paid the final amount in time.

Can we meet you to see what you do, Come along to any gigs you're doing?

We try to exhibit at as many wedding fayres and exhibitions as we possibly can, that way you get to see what a typical disco looks like and have a chat with Dan and the other DJ's/Staff. Unfortunately we are unable to allow you to come along to other private events. If you really want to meet with Dan then this will be charged for accordingly. Unlike your catering/photographers etc., there isn't really anything that can't be discussed over the phone or via email.

I want to be able to provide you with a playlist?

We actively encourage requests from your guests on the evening and we will have a good chat with you, on the lead up to your event, to discuss some of your favourites. We will also make sure we don't play anything you don't want however... We don't accept strict playlists or structured music schedules! In our experience these rarely work and often we find that these lists only reflect the tastes of the people writing it and not the many guests they have invited to the event. On the few occasions we have tried this approach have found the revellers to feel alienated and easily bored resulting in a very flat evening. You need to trust us to use our experience and knowledge to get your guests up and dancing and to make sure we play a little something for everyone. We have over 20 years' experience in DJing and playing music for people. With experiences gained at Butlins and Warner holiday resorts, P&O's Ocean Village Cruise's, Jumping Jacks and Yate's Venues and also private parties for both corporate and wedding events. Dan has worked tirelessly to gain the reputation the company holds and we are now lucky to be recommended at some of the Cotswolds most prominent wedding and event venues.

Do you bring your own lighting and PA system?

Yes! And it's all PAT tested and insured so your venue will be happy too.

I'm getting married in the middle of the week... Can you offer a discount?

We have two rates- one that covers Sunday-Monday and the other which covers Friday and Saturday night. Our pricing reflects the service we provide and the overheads that we have as a professional company. We don't charge any extra just because it's a wedding either, you will find that someone booking us for a 40th birthday will pay exactly the same.

What If we want you to play past the scheduled finish time?

There is a £50 per hour (or part) charge and will need to be agreed and paid for before the contracted finish time. The decision is also non-negotiable and will remain at the discretion of your DJ on the evening.

What happens if you can't get there because of bad weather or are late?

We make every effort to ensure that we will arrive on time to play your event however, we cannot be held responsible for hold-ups due to reasonable issues beyond our control. Should we be running late, we will inform the emergency contact you provide us with and will do everything within our power to ensure we get to you as soon as we can. No monetary refunds will be given in this instance. Should we fail to turn up because of unforeseen circumstances, then we will refund you 75% of your booking fee.

What happens if your equipment stops working or gets damaged?

We carry full backups of our music on CD and Hard Drives and also carry spare Sound Equipment in case we have any problems. At most, an equipment failure will result in 10-20 minutes of no music while we install the necessary backup equipment. If the equipment breakage is due to a mains fault with the venue electrics (predominantly marquee generators) the cost of damage will be charged to you as the hirer for you to redeem from your supplier. If equipment damage/failure is due to drunken or immature behaviour from you or your guests then you will be charged for full replacement value of the items damaged and may also be charged for loss of earnings should the issue cause problems for us to perform at events after yours.

Our venue has a sound limiter, what does this mean?

This means that should the volume reach a certain level, the system will cut all power the sockets and the disco will be shut down. Normally there is a wait while someone from your venue then resets it. Sadly, these are quite problematic for us as we use externally powered hard drives for our music collection and we find they are generally unhappy when power is cut. YOU WILL NEED TO INFORM US PRIOIR TO BOOKING IF THE VENUE HAS A SOUND LIMITER INSTALLED. If it is a venue we haven't played at before then we will need to arrange a site visit before we agree to your booking. We don't play music at massive volumes and have purposely invested in very high quality audio equipment to make sure that it sounds bloody good when we do play. The problems we face are when these noise limiters have been badly programmed and can be activated by a group of blokes singing along to Bon Jovi. In certain cases - but not all- we may refuse to accept your booking if we're not satisfied with the limiting equipment in place.